An affordable presence online!

Single-page sites, personalized for you: URL, site and first year's hosting for only $200.

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Four web bases for businesses:

Two web bases for academics:

Click on the images or text to open the full base sites. We're using two fictional scholars, Janice and Jean Marco, to demonstrate how these templates can help you highlight your work and publications on the Web.

What's Adequate Websites all about?

Founded on the premise that communities thrive when people get their good work online, Adequate Websites provides simple sites that meet most needs, at prices everyone can afford.

  • Single-page sites, responsive for phones and tablets
  • Multiple base sites to choose from
  • Serving both business and academia
  • AODA compliant
  • Simple, personalized setup with quarterly updates

What we do (and what we don't)

We're a Kingston-based company that uses a set of pre-existing web bases to give you a personalized website for an amazingly low price, with no hidden fees or surprises. A single setup fee, and a single annual hosting charge.

Our business model is based on not offering services 90% of websites don't need: we don't provide email, rich media (videos or photo galleries), FTP access, or any... well, fancy stuff. We build and deliver the website you need, fast, and for as little money as we can possibly manage to charge. Because we think our community is better when everyone who wants to be on the web gets to be on the web.

More details available here.